Studio Photography

One of the most important elements to photography is light. When in studio, I have total control over it which gives me the ability to create portraits that perfectly represent my vision whether it be headshots, commercial or editorial work. Along with capturing the images, I also do my own retouch work which allows me to push boundaries while still maintaining a realistic look.

I’ve been very privileged to have worked with some amazing hair stylists, makeup artists and models and love taking part in various competitions such as the Contessa’s, NAHA’s, Mirror Awards, Pravana and Style Masters.

If you would like some work done or are an artist that would like to collaborate on a shoot, I’d love to hear from you! 



I love coming across old studio portraits from back in the day. They always seem to have a timeless look to them that I try and recreate in my work whether it be model test shots or creative work.



Beauty is what got me into photography. I started out editing other peoples photos then quickly realized how much more potential I had making images while using studio lighting to create different moods.

Single light studio portrait shot.


Today, in order to make a good impression in social media you need to have a great headshot which can help to show professionalism and character.