My Story

Although I’ve been creating art my whole life, photography didn’t hit me until my late 20’s. This is the point I became a husband and a father. I had picked up the camera as a way to document our life but soon realized it’s potential. Not only was I taking photos to capture memories, I was using it as a tool to bring my creative visions to life.

Me and My Wife Lauren - Photo by Darren Hatt

Me and My Wife Lauren - Photo by Darren Hatt


Along with my wife, I started using flash to create compelling images of models for hair competitions while taking full advantage of my background in computer graphics to retouch photos. Due to the popularity of my work, my hobby began to shape into a career which lead to new opportunities with both studio and lifestyle photography.

It wasn’t until I was asked to photograph a wedding that I realized I had found my real passion. All my previous experiences and knowledge were leading me to this point. Being able to document a day that has so much meaning and emotion holds an incredible amount of value to me. Everyone looks amazing and is in high spirits so when it comes to applying my craft, the final product is what some people may call, “picture perfect”.

So enough about me, I want to hear about your story! 

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